Happy Birthday Valerie!


Valerie celebrated her 6th birthday with friends and family at the Living Arts Centre on December 5th.   The birthday girl and her very excited friends participated in a ceramics workshop hand-building personalized cookie plates.

The girls were given a slab of clay and using a paper plate template outlined their cookie plate. Using the paper plate as a mould the girls pressed their clay into it to give shape to their creation.

Once the cookie plates were shaped the participants started decorating. Using a variety of cookie cutters participants began placing their cut out shapes on their plates to create unique designs.

When the girls finished placing their shapes onto the plates they painted their creations using coloured slip glazes.

After the pieces are painted they must dry for a couple days before they can be fired in our on site kilns.

The plates are bisque fired first. Bisque firing causes permanent chemical and physical changes to occur in the clay pieces making them much harder and more resilient.

Once the plates have been bisque fired the instructor uses a clear glaze to coat the pieces. The glaze makes the pieces strong and waterproof. If the plates were not glazed the ceramics would remain porous and would be unsuitable for holding liquids. The ceramics then go through a second firing which gives them an attractive and durable glossy finish.

In just a few days these beautiful cookie plates will be ready to go home and used to serve tasty holiday cookies!

Pictures of the final pieces will be posted shortly!

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